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Fleet Guard is a high performance, full synthetic engine oil in the premium class for most newer passenger cars. The specially designed additive package meets the SAPS requirements (sulphate, ashes, phosphorus and sulfur) and maintains and extends the efficiency of catalysts and particulate filters. Has an exceptional ability to maintain its purity for a long time and optimize engine performance. Prevents engine and turbo deposits and has fuel-saving properties. Exceeds specifications and performance requirements for new BMW, Chrysler, Daimler, GM, Mercedes-Benz, Renault etc.

Applications:  Modern petrol and diesel engines in cars and light trucks

Specifications:  API SN / CF, ACEA A3 / B4, C3, MB 229.51, GM Dexos-2, BMW-LL-04, VW 502.00 / 505.00 / 505.01 and Renault RN 0700/0710.

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