Moly Red 400g

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Moly Red is a high performance high pressure grease. Contains powerful friction modifiers of molybdenum disulphide and PTFE which provide additional compressive resistance. A shear-stable and water resistant all-round fat with high adhesion. For applications where water, impact, vibrations, heat or brass bushings may occur. 
Working temperature: from -40 ° C (00), -30 ° C (1), -20 (2) to + 175 ° C.

Grease soap:  Aluminum complex NLGI 00, 1, 2

Applications:  Bearings, bushes, sliding bearings, etc. 
Construction, agriculture, mining, crushing, milling and industry.

Packaging:  400 g standard cartridge and screwdriver, 18 kg bucket, ¼ barrel and full fat.

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