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Supreme 9003 is a fully synthetic engine oil based on the finest synthetic paraffin oils (PAO) and an extremely pressure-sensitive additive technology with molybdenum disulfide and PTFE. Prevent metal-to-metal contact and provide ultra-low friction with a print resistance of 500,000 psi. 
This keeps high performance petrol and ethanol engines in new condition for a long time and tough conditions. Has powerful fuel-saving properties.

Applications:  Modern high performance petrol and ethanol engines with or without catalyst. Excellent in 4-speed snowmobiles.

Fulfill / Exceed:  API SN, CID AA-52039B, MIL-PRF-46152E, Resource Conserving ILSAC GF-5, GM Dexos-1 ™, GM 6094M, Crysler MS-6395Q, Ford WSS-M2C945-A (5W-20) , WSS-M2C946-A, M2C929-A, M2C930-A, 

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