Supreme Racing 5W-50

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Supreme Racing is a fully synthetic engine oil for racing. Based on the finest synthetic paraffin bases (PAO). Provides maximum density, prevents metal contact, provides very low friction and a completely gas-free lubrication and maximum cooling. Has an extremely pressure-sensitive additive technology with molybdenum disulfide, PTFE and zinc that gives a print resistance of 500,000 psi. This keeps motor and motorcycle engines in new condition in the racing environment.

Applications:  Petrol and diesel engines in cars and 4-stroke motorcycles with or without wet coupling.

Fulfill / Exceed:  API SN / CF, ACEA A1 / B1-10, A3 / B4-10, Ford M2C153-G, 
ESR-M2C127-B, ESR-M2C179A, SSM 29011-A, WWS-M2C929A, GM 6049M, 4718M , CID AA-52039B, Chrysler MS9767, MS 6395, MB 229.3, MB 229.5, JASO JIS K2215, VTW, Porsche, 
BMW spec and Volkswagen 501.01, 503.00, 505.00.

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