Payback Lubricants

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Dri-Plate is a strong molybdenum based dry lubricant. Reduces friction and lubricates where high pressure or temperatures can occur, for example in threads.

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15,70 €

Mounting tar gives a tight and strong rust protection in the bolt joint.

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9,90 €

Anti-Seize is an anti-stain paste with soft metals. Reduces friction significantly at high pressure.

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15,70 €

Synguard is a food approved, health-synthetic PAO grease for most applications.

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17,30 €

Silver Streak is a synthetic tooth and slip fat that has been able to handle the toughest loads for decades.

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14,90 €

Wire Lube is a wire lubricant designed for maximum protection against abrasion, sludge, water, brine and chemical attack.

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13,40 €

Chain Lube is a specially developed chain lubricant for hot, dry, wet or dusty conditions.

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12,25 €

Extreme is a transparent lubricant with extremely high adhesion and viscosity.

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12,25 €

Cross Chain is a strong chain lubricant developed for motorcycles. Penetrates quickly and lubricates the moving parts of the chain with a transparent, thin and tack-free oil that does not bind sand and dirt.

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12,50 €

Tap Shield is a tough metal processing oil for drilling and threading.

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15,90 €

Penetro is a high performance cross polish containing Moly and PTFE. A thin oil that can withstand high loads and penetrates water with undue force.

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13,20 €

Solves grease, oil, brake pads or other impurities from details.

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6,50 €

There are good cleansers but there is always someone on top. Citrol is among the most effective in cleaning most of the impurities and dirt.

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13,50 €

Fluorguard is a special grease for difficult applications.

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59,40 €

Synguard is a food approved, health-synthetic PAO grease for most applications. 

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22,80 €

Moly Red is a high performance high pressure grease.

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20,00 €

Crystal Red is a multifunctional, high performance and water resistant high pressure grease. 

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16,70 €

A high performance red paraffinic chassis and bearing grease in the premium class.

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13,10 €

Gasoline Optimizer cleans spreaders for optimum engine input and power, and effectively lubricates today's "dry" gasoline and ethanol.

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24,00 €

Moly 2000 is a true diesel optimizer that provides clear, measurable results. 

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24,00 €