Diesel Optimizer Moly 2000™ 500ml

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Moly 2000 is a true diesel optimizer that provides clear, measurable results. 

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Moly 2000 is a true diesel optimizer that provides clear, measurable results. Clean and prevent wear efficiently throughout the entire injection system. Today's engines with high injection pressures are extra sensitive to diesel-related wear. Prevents bacterial growth and eliminates condensation water. Lubricates and protects the entire combustion line, which increases the life span. Contains active substances that increase the cetantal ("diesel effect") which optimizes the combustion process. The result is a multi-percent increase in power and fuel reduction up to 5%, which shows the majority of heavy duty tests on heavy trucks. Approved for sulfur-free diesel and containing no sulfur-containing compounds.

Application:  All diesel engines.

Dosage:  0.05% = 500 ml to 1000 liters of diesel.

Packaging: 500 ml dose bottle, 1 liter bottle and 5 liter dunk.

Completed tests:  Cummins L-10 Injector Disposal Test and Cummins N-14 Injector Abrasion Test. Result: Effectively removes deposits and prevents wear on injectors. Practical test: Riggs Caterpillar's test track in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. Result 4.2% fuel economy. A further 28 similar tests made on the runway and in the test bench.

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